[Image set: A series of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” knock-offs:

  • HEB (a Texas-based grocery chain) brand, “You’d Think It’s Butter!”
  • Fred Meyer, “Butter It’s Not!”
  • ASDA, “You’d Butter Believe It!”
  • Two from the same brand, in a language I don’t recognize, though it looks to be Asian in origin, “Unbelieveable: This is not butter” and “Shrödinger’s butter”
  • Spartan, “Is it butter?”
  • FoodClub, “No Ifs Ands Or Butter”
  • GoldnSoft, “Could it be Butter?”

All the tubs, except for the Spartan brand, are yellow, like the original “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!”]


is it butter?

theyre not even messing around they dont even fucking know

I think Schrödinger’s Butter is my favorite. It is simultaneously butter & not-butter until you open it.

But what is it?